Plans to Relaunch unFold

J.S. Graustein:

Relaunch coming soon. Want in?

Originally posted on Folded Word:

Rose and JS met on Cape Cod last week. The winds of change were blowing as they discussed a relaunch of our poetry zine unFold. More details will come, but in January 2016 the zine will feature more visual art and break free from its 140-character limitations. To our die-hard Twitter peeps: Never fear, unFold will still tweet — just better.

If you would like to be notified when the new submission guidelines are posted, please comment below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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I was careless.
As was my habit

Entering a no-smoking area,
I stuck my lit pipe in my ragged pocket.
It fell through a hole igniting the lining.

Smoke poured from my coat.
I stamped it out frantically.

Nobody noticed.
I shrugged my shoulders
And proceeded with my shopping.

© 2015, Siggy

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by hope,
aged by the anticipation
of that golden moment
the Minute in the day
I am worth the time.

© 2015, Sharkey Andrews

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Pushcart Prize Nomination

We are pleased to announce unFold’s Pushcart Prize nomination for this year: untitled storm series by Joseph Hutchison, micro-poems. For a complete listing of all Folded Word Pushcart Prize nominations this year, click here.

Unbearable pain of my mother

She cries,
A soaring mountain cliff
Broken into two pieces,
And no one dares to care

© 2014, Santosh Kalwar

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