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unFold is a Twitter-zine published by Folded Word.  It originally posted three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), but unFold 2.0 posts once a week on Fridays. The zine is edited by Rose Auslander, with the assistance of Kristine SlentzunFold is now seeking well-written short poems in any poetic form.  If you would like to submit poems, please take note of the guidelines at the bottom of this page and fill out the submission form.

unFold, the successor to Form.Reborn on Folded Word, is a “PG-ish” experimental poetry journal published on Twitter and archived here. It originally sought 140 character (including spaces) poetic Tweets suitable for mobile poem text messages and encouraged poets to improvise solutions to Twitter’s inhospitability to traditional line breaks.

What’s New

Having successfully explored the micro-poetic form, unFold‘s new incarnation will now post poems longer than 140 characters on the unFold Twitter stream by embedding them on videos. Our updated Twitter-poetry zine:

  1. Gives poets expanded space
  2. Holds each title and poem together
  3. Helps poems grab eyes in a sea of visual noise
  4. Harnesses the power of hashtags to find new readers.

Accepted poem/video combos will be published on Twitter and archived on our blog. Contributors will receive $5 US via PayPal.

New Guidelines Overview:

  • Editor: Rose Auslander | Assistant Editor: JS Graustein
  • Reading Period: year round
  • Issue Close Date: 31 December of each year
  • Publication Date: generally released as an unFold Twitter update each Friday.
  • Number of Poems Needed: a total of 52 poems per year
  • Maximum Number of Poems per Submission: one (more details below)
  • Simultaneous Submissions: no
  • Previously Published Submissions: no (exceptions below)
  • Royalty: $5 US
  • Other Perqs: Folded Word’s editors may solicit chapbook manuscripts from poets with multiple poems published in this zine.

We will respond to submissions as quickly as possible, but initially it may take some time to decide on the best poems to launch this new concept.

Submission of Poems:

To be considered, a poem must:

  1. Have a title, which must be 70 characters or less*
  2. Be 1 – 15 lines (of reasonable length)
  3. Be previously unpublished. EXCEPTIONS: a poem only published on your own blog OR only published in print.
  4. Follow all submission guidelines. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will be deleted without notification.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Please only send us one poem at a time — and wait until you hear from us on your first submission before sending us another. We’ll only be posting one poem a week (generally on Fridays), so please send your best short work.

*If your poem is untitled, please give it a unique numerical identifier such as the date it was written or submitted. Example: 2017.07.11 for a poem submitted on 11 July 2017.


By filling out the form below, you grant us non-exclusive rights to publish the submitted work electronically in perpetuity and certify that the submitted work does not violate the copyrights or trademarks of any other individuals or entities.


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