Plans to Relaunch unFold

Relaunch coming soon. Want in?

Folded Word

Rose and JS met on Cape Cod last week. The winds of change were blowing as they discussed a relaunch of our poetry zine unFold. More details will come, but in January 2016 the zine will feature more visual art and break free from its 140-character limitations. To our die-hard Twitter peeps: Never fear, unFold will still tweet — just better.

If you would like to be notified when the new submission guidelines are posted, please comment below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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Pushcart Prize Nomination

We are pleased to announce unFold’s Pushcart Prize nomination for this year: untitled storm series by Joseph Hutchison, micro-poems. For a complete listing of all Folded Word Pushcart Prize nominations this year, click here.

FIVE (5): an unFold Poetry Contest

A brief editorial announcement: our annual spring poetry contest is on. Cash prize this year:-)

Folded Word

Click here for more visual examples of how wide the range of FIVE (5) is. Click here for more visual examples of how wide the range of FIVE (5) is.

It’s that time of year again: unFold Poetry Contest time–and this year marks unFold’s fifth anniversary!  After five years of bringing you Twitter poems from all over the world, the prompt for this year’s contest couldn’t be anything but FIVE (5).

How close must you stick to the prompt? Let’s just say you have a LOT of rope. For example, our Editor in Chief put together a set of 25 photos with the concept of FIVE (5) on Flickr. Some are literal interpretations of the prompt; others get there through free-association (JS left comments that might clue you in to some of the less-obvious associations). In other words, you may use five (5) to influence poetic content in any of its:

  1. associations
  2. permutations
  3. explanations
  4. exaggerations
  5. transmutations (changing from one form or state into another)


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Congratulations to our Finalists

Huge congratulations to the ten finalists in our 1000 Tweets Contest, listed below in the order in which their poems appeared on the unFold blog:

Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, “Bridge
Dorothee Lang, untitled
Peg Duthie, untitled
Bud Smith, “Pale Blue Eyes
Debbie Feller, “Essentially Bare
Howie Good, “Night in the Country
Julie Corbett, untitled
Elizabeth Lara, “The Amazing Box of Used-To-Be
Ivo Drury, “Decades
DannyPoet, “When her father died

We hope you have enjoyed reading these poems on our blog. This week, the winning poem selected by Matthew Lippman will be announded and posted on the unFold Twitter stream. Stay tuned!

Shortlist for unFold 1000 Tweet Contest

We at unFold have been grateful to spend this past month reading amazing contest submissions from poets around the world, on our “milestones” theme. Huge thanks to everyone who submitted. It has been nerve-wrackingly difficult, but we have decided on a shortlist of ten poems.

The first poem on the shortlist will be published on this blog today. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday this month, we’ll add another shortlisted poem to the blog, until all ten finalists are published. On April 30, 2013, the winning entry selected by our guest judge Matthew Lippman will be published on our Twitter feed.

Happy reading.