by Nikki Knight

poem ©2017 by Nikki Knight
video ©2017 by JS & Ian Graustein

BIO: Nikki Knight is a poet and former radio personality from Northwest PA who is currently working as a prison counselor but uses writing as a means of escape (pun intended).

Grown Up

by Debbie Feller

poem set on red and orange abstract painting on black paper

art by Claire Graustein
typography by JS Graustein

Debbie Feller has been a regular contributor to unFold since its inception. Her poem “Ebb and Flow” was the first WonderFold Selection on the Folded Word blog, written in response to the column’s monthly prompts.

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Grown Up

yet no longer
a child, anger

© 2016, Debbie Feller

Spacing for Sky

by Peg Duthie

art & typography by JS Graustein

typography by JS Graustein

Peg Duthie is a regular contributor to unFold and the author of Measured Extravagance (Upper Rubber Boot Books, 2012).

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Spacing for Sky

in a pail
of rainwater:

© 2016, Peg Duthie