2012 Garden Show Winner

We are thrilled to announce that the Best of Show for our 2012 Poetry Garden Show is Nora Nadjarian’s “The Name”.

We would also like to recognize the following poems, which received Honorable Mention from the judges:

Many thanks to our Poetry Editor, Rose Auslander for running the Show. Heaps of additional thanks go to our panel of judges:

We hope you have enjoyed this poetic event. We certainly have:-)


2012 Garden Show Finalists

The judges’ comments are in and we can now reveal the 10 poems that are the finalists for our 2012 Garden Show. Please note that the judges compiled this list based on anonymous readings of the poems. The Best of Show winner (along with its video) and three four Honorable Mentions will be announced at the stroke of midnight (Pacific/CA time) on 1 July 2012, here on this blog.

The finalists are:

The editors and judges would like to thank all the poets who entered work in the Garden Show. We enjoyed watching unFold bloom throughout the month of May.

The Name

Courtesy of Nora Nadjarian

I remembered the name of the lilac tree
years after you told me.

I’m sorry I never retained plant names.
Only shades, and shapes.

Our whitewashed wall was once my favourite
but even that is fading.

© 2012, Nora Nadjarian

Nora Nadjarian is a poet and short story writer based in Nicosia, Cyprus – visit her at http://www.bettyboopinspired.blogspot.com.

Nominated for the 2012 Pushcart Prize