FIVE (5) Contest Winner

We are thrilled to announce that the winning poem from our FIVE (5) Contest is “Signs of Reincarnation at Le Parker Meridien Hotel NY, NY (a found poem)” by
Brad Rose.

In addition, an honorable mention poem was named: “Interval” by Judy Bertelsen. A bonus piece of digital art will be unveiled next week to celebrate Judy’s poem.

Many thanks to our Poetry Editor, Rose Auslander for running the contest. Heaps of additional thanks go to our judge, Gian Lombardo.

We hope you have enjoyed this poetic event. We certainly have:-)

Production Notes:

Videography by J.S. Graustein (
Music used by permission under Creative Commons license
“Avant Jazz” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Five (5) Contest Shortlist Poems

We’ll run all shortlist poems–then announce the contest winner . . . Stay tuned!

UPDATE (3 July 2014)

The shortlisted works, in the order they appeared:

unFold Five (5) Contest Shortlist

Thanks to all who participated! You made this decision difficult—our inbox overflowed with fives. Too, too many superlative fives. We’re now thinking in fives.

Here, at last, our decisions. We are proud to announce: 10 poets of Five (5). In alphabetical order . . . the shortlist.

Emily Abedon,“Mixed Couple
Judy Bertelsen, “Interval
Peg Duthie, “Five-Finger Frustration
J.C. Elkin, Untitled
Stephanie King, “Tattoo
Meg Eden Kuyatt, Untitled
Barbara LaMorticella, Untitled
Corey Mesler, “5 a.m.
Ashley Odom, “Not-So-Lucky Bird
Brad Rose, “Signs of Reincarnation at Le Parker Meridien Hotel, NY, NY (a Found Poem)