Spacing for Sky

by Peg Duthie

art & typography by JS Graustein

typography by JS Graustein

Peg Duthie is a regular contributor to unFold and the author of Measured Extravagance (Upper Rubber Boot Books, 2012).

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Spacing for Sky

in a pail
of rainwater:

© 2016, Peg Duthie

This Starred Place

by Kim O’Connell

print of train tracks running between skyscrapers

Art & typography by JS Graustein

Kim O’Connell’s articles, essays, and short fiction have appeared in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Ladies Home Journal, National Geographic News, National Parks, Little Patuxent Review, and more.

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I belong here, in this city—
this starred place on the map
where the Labrador gets skunked
and the doe skirts the edge of the highway
and the hawk lands on a nest of wires.
Where the airplanes circle like falcons
and the streetlights create the heavens.
Where everything is common and known
except the wildness in my heart.

©2016, Kim O’Connell


by Catherine Moore

poem typed with typewriter on yellowed paper

Art & typography by JS Graustein

Catherine Moore, M.F.A., is the author of three chapbooks and tweetable @CatPoetic.

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yellow mellowed Post-it note
adhesive gone
behind doctor cards,
school dates, ads,

scribbled years ago:
“love is a decision”

© 2016, Catherine Moore

In the Woods

by David Oestreich

photo of three origami iris

Art & design by JS Graustein

David Oestreich is a maker of poems, fishing flies, and Saturday-afternoon semi-haute cuisine. To learn more please visit him at his blog.

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trying not to
step on wildflowers
I find I’m dancing.

© 2016, David Oestreich

You, an I

by Ahimaaz R

photo of a cairn in front of the sea

art & typography by JS Graustein

Ahimaaz R has been recently published in 7×20, Cuento, and Flapperhouse. His poetry is forthcoming in The Fractured Nuance, also at and on Twitter @ahimaaz

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I speak and you keep
You swing and I give
I sweep and you peep
You eye and I aye
I fall and you laugh
You blink and I cling
I nap and you pat
You sleep and I peel
I wish and you hush
You will and I live

© 2016, Ahimaaz R