Congratulations to our Finalists

Huge congratulations to the ten finalists in our 1000 Tweets Contest, listed below in the order in which their poems appeared on the unFold blog:

Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, “Bridge
Dorothee Lang, untitled
Peg Duthie, untitled
Bud Smith, “Pale Blue Eyes
Debbie Feller, “Essentially Bare
Howie Good, “Night in the Country
Julie Corbett, untitled
Elizabeth Lara, “The Amazing Box of Used-To-Be
Ivo Drury, “Decades
DannyPoet, “When her father died

We hope you have enjoyed reading these poems on our blog. This week, the winning poem selected by Matthew Lippman will be announded and posted on the unFold Twitter stream. Stay tuned!

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