Seeking Submissions

unFold, the successor to Form. Reborn on Folded Word, is a PG-rated experimental poetry journal that seeks inspired 140 character (including spaces) Tweets, suitable for mobile poem text messages.  unFold seeks to develop Form140, and invites those submitting to improvise solutions to Twitter’s inhospitability to traditional line breaks, as described at Form21.  Ultimately, we want digestible poems written in present tense that mobile phone users will enjoy to the point of forwarding.

  • Reading Period: year round
  • First Issue Close Date: 31 December, 2010
  • Publication Date: e-book poetry collection will be released each year, one Tweet will be released as an unFold Twitter update each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Number of Poems Needed: a total of 150 Tweets per year, some of which may be parts of serial poems
  • Maximum Number of Poems per Submission: either 6 single day poems, or serial poems that total no more than 3 episodes.  Please wait until we have replied to your first batch before sending another.
  • Simultaneous Submissions: no
  • Previously Published Submissions: no

Submissions should be sent in the body of an email to with “submission” in the subject line. Please be sure to use your word processor’s word count tool to check your character count. We cannot accept submissions over 140 characters (including spaces/line breaks) per episode. Be sure to include your name & pen name plus a link to your bio in your email.


14 thoughts on “Seeking Submissions

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  2. In order to stay consistent with PicFic policy, let’s say that poems previously published on personal Twitter streams, blogs, and websites may be submitted. However, please give us the link with your submission. If the poems are accepted, we will ask you to delete them from your personal stream/blog/website.

  3. Say I have some lines in a poem that begin with an indent of five spaces… Do those particular spaces need to be counted? Can you even post such indents on your site?

  4. Twitter counts every space, wherever it appears, so spaces at the beginning of a line will count toward the 140 limit. As to line breaks, for Twitter, we use / unless the poet gives an alternative. In the case of additional spaces /at the beginning of a line, / they would appear as they just did before the ending of this sentence.

    I hope this info is helpful!


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