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I cannot impress upon my
skin anything that is not
already wholly underneath the surface

© 2014, Stephanie King

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just my
luck a

1 or a 2
line angel

not 1 or 2
pages or

1 or 2
stanzas just

1 or 2

© 2014, Barbara LaMorticella

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Signs of Reincarnation at Le Parker Meridien Hotel, NY, NY (a Found Poem)

You are here,
unless otherwise
use revolving door.

© 2014, Brad Rose

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5. a.m.

At five a.m., moving
around in the house
he is a ghost, a spirit
invited there, to feed the dog,
to make the coffee.

© 2014, Corey Mesler

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The windowsill has five
plants. Six pots. How many
will be left tomorrow?

© 2014, Meg Eden Kuyatt

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