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Unbearable pain of my mother

She cries,
A soaring mountain cliff
Broken into two pieces,
And no one dares to care

© 2014, Santosh Kalwar

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As the sun is ever in chase
of the moon
so shall dreams curtail

© 2014, Sharkey Andrews

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Ah, what can I write
To help with this bitter pain
Of another day?

© 2014, Euphrates Moss

Also visit the work of Euphrates Moss at, as well as at Nickle Beer Night, The Sheltered Poet, and The Private Acre. His first book, Early Harvest, is available from unbound CONTENT.

Mr. Poet

Times go so fast
And nothing gets done
As I lie naked

Faking, singing, willing,
Jotting – nothing,
And only
Drinking Rum.

© 2014, Santosh Kalwar

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Oh, sure, now
you like me

© 2014, Ricky Garni

Bio: Ricky Garni has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize on five occasions. His books include My Favorite Fifteen Presidents, Maybe Wavy, 2% Butterscotch and Shadow Box Chocolate Cake. His latest collection, Hey, is dedicated to the memory of Faye Hunter.


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