Here’s to the Women

who walked before me
. . . trailing words.

© 2014, Linda Leedy Schneider

Also visit poet Linda Leedy Schneider at

In Winter

time fades
clock wind ticking through bare trees

© 2014, LB Sedlacek

Also visit LB Sedlacek’s poems in Mastodon Dentist, RiverLit, Main Street Rag, The Copperfield Review, Third Wednesday, Fickle Muses, Apparent Magnitude, and Sea Stories. Her latest chapbook is “District of Confusion.”


I’ve never looked at it that way. Maybe it was too harsh to look back on, or maybe, I’d never known a shadow to greet with an open hand.

© 2014, Michael O’Neill

Michael O’Neill is a fiction and poetry writer residing in Chicago.


the sight of you
doing nothing
is not nothing

© 2014, John Gray

John Grey is an Australian born poet, recently published in The Lyric, Vallum and the science fiction anthology, “The Kennedy Curse,” with work upcoming in Bryant Literary Magazine, Natural Bridge, Southern California Review, and the Oyez Review.

in scarlet

a moment & the eastern sky
becomes an hourglass
dawn runs in drying stains
from gray stars

© 2014, Paul Reinken

An Indianapolis native, Paul Reinken’s work is known to reflect that city’s struggles with poverty and violence. Visit him at @chapstickweekly


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